International Sports News And Google News Sites

Sports news on the internet is about as comprehensive as you could possibly imagine. There is sports news from every corner of the globe, faithfully transcribed for the entire world to see.

Cricket sports news about is available online. Cricket is incredibly popular in places like Bangledesh, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka. Cricket is not popular by any standard of measure in the United States. Americans largely ignore this sport and only have token representation on the international cricket circuit.

Sports news about Bandy in Australia is most plentiful in the winter months. In 1952, bandy was demonstrated at the Olympics, but it has never gained acceptance from the International Olympic Committee as an official Olympic sport. This is in spite of the fact that the IOC publicly states that it wants more winter sports.

There is considerable attention paid to lacrosse in sports news around the world. Lacrosse is extremely fast-paced and fun to watch. In the last twenty years, interest in lacrosse has crossed the ocean from the United States and Canada to Great Britain and Australia.

Football sports news is really easy to find. The funny thing is that if you are American, football sports news is about an entirely different sport than the football sports news in the rest of the world. Everyone in the world, except Americans, call the game of soccer football.

The international organization for the sport of bocce is located in France. There is rarely any sports news about bocce, but it is a really fun game.

Curling sports news dominates Canadian television. This sport became a pop-culture hit several years ago and has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity in younger generations.

The sport of polo is mostly for rich people. The sports news that covers polo is not ordinarily on SportsCenter or ESPN. Polo sports news is most likely just distributed in print and online.

International Google News Sites

The Google News site is pretty user friendly and easy to navigate. The top stories in the United States are the default display. Today the two headlines that I see are about the confessed murderer of JonBenet Ramsey and a ruling against George Bush’s administration’s domestic spying program calling it unconstitutional.

The Google News for French Canada today includes two articles about the current problems in Lebanon. The first article is about the Lebanese Army progressing south and the other article is about Syria praising the actions of political activist group Hezbollah.

In Chile, the headline on Google News is about a volcanic eruption in Ecuador. The volcanic eruption sounds pretty serious and has killed injured and displaced many.

The French headlines on Google News today include the evacuation of a giant squat in Cachan and the deployment of French troops to Lebanon. There have been about a thousand people of African origin forced out of the Cachan squat so far.

The South African Google News is surprisingly similar to the American Google News; they have headlines about Jon Benet Ramsey and Bush’s NSA spy program.

The Google News in India and Ireland is the same as the Google News for South Africa and America. The Mexican Google News today includes reports about the volcano eruption in Ecuador and about the Army of Lebanon and their advance to the south of their country.

The Google News in Germany today centers on German physicians and their wage negotiations. There are also links to news stories about naval missions associated with UN peacekeeping efforts.
There is also a link from the German Google News page to an article about the Philippines and oil pollution. It looks pretty serious and I was blissfully unaware until today.

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